Compiling Aither

To compile Aither you must have a C++ compiler with C++14 support. G++ version 5 and up should work, as well as Clang 3.4 and up. Before compiling, you must have an MPI implementation installed. Aither should work with any standard implementation, and has been used with both OpenMPI and MPICH. Once these dependencies are installed, all that is necessary to compile the code is to navigate to the source code directory and type make.

Running A Simulation

The Aither repository comes with a suite of test cases to run. For example to run the transonic flow over a bump in a channel case, navigate to the testCases/transonicBump directory and run the simulation with the following command.

mpirun -np 1 aither transonicBump.inp >transonicBump.out 2>transonicBump.err

The results will be * files written to the run directory. The residuals will be output to standard out which the above command has placed in the transonicBump.out file. Any warnings or errors will be written to standard error which is placed in the transonicBump.err file. Aither is a cell-centered code, so the solution is calculated at the centroid of each cell. This is why center is attached to the results files. The centroids of the grid file will also be written out as * for visualization purposes. The PLOT3D file of the cell centroids and simulation results can be read into Paraview for visualization.