Release Notes

The first official release of Aither is now available. Check it out on GitHub. This first release contains enough basic features to be able to run most standard CFD problems. Aither has the following functionality:

  • Time Integration
    • Backwards Euler - First order, implicit
    • BDF2 - Second order, implicit
    • Forward Euler - First order, explicit
    • Low Storage RK4 - Second order, explicit
  • State Reconstruction
    • MUSCL reconstruction for inviscid fluxes
    • Central reconstruction for viscous fluxes
  • Green-Gauss Gradient Formulation
  • LU-SGS Implicit Solver
  • Turbulence Models
    • Wilcox K-Omega 2006
    • SST 2003
  • Input/Output
    • Binary PLOT3D grid
    • Binary PLOT3D function files for output
  • K-D Tree Wall Distance Solver

Have a look and see if you can make any improvements! For feature requests comment here, on Github, or on Twitter.